Could Netflix Acquire Global Eagle?

Despite creativeness, Global Eagle faces negative earnings throughout several years encouraging long term focused investors to stay distant. As the time of uncertainty came with the pandemic fewer tourists travel using airplanes. Thus, entertainment during the flight is used by an insignificant number of passengers who do not even cover the cost of revenue.

On the other part of the entertainment industry, Netflix (NFLX) could gain a lot of customers during the pandemic. Having apps and sites with streaming service Netflix, Roku and Spotify have managed to increase their revenue while many people had free time during the lockdown. Their financial results for the second quarter of 2020 may show a rise in their revenues.

If the management wants to save Global Eagle from fatal bankruptcy offering acquisition proposals to entertainment platforms like Netflix would be the wisest decision. The business structure of the Global Eagle is smart and full of potential, therefore, Netflix could expand its entertainment into airplanes too while having the capability to rescue micro corporations.