Could NVIDIA Build Autonomous Driving For Mercedes-Benz Better Than Tesla?

Autonomous driving is one of the main features that give a main competitive advantage to any car manufacturer, especially in developed and saturated markets. Tesla has already won trust from most of its customers in the autopilot area after several pitfalls were uncovered in the program.

The most known for its PC gaming graphics cards NVIDIA decides to develop an automatic driving system for the legendary Mercedes-Benz which is planning to produce its EV’s lineup. Lacking qualification and practice in an AI development program led to a partnership with NVIDIA to be competitive against already established EV manufacturers with autopilot system development experiences.

If NVIDIA finishes the project successfully other car manufacturers may order customized AI-backed autopilot systems. Thus, NASDAQ: NVDA may soar drastically as the company diversifies its production capability. However, beating Tesla’s AI autopilot system might take years for NVIDIA because customer feedback comes within several months, and fixing the problem could take some time.

NVDA is perfect for long term intended buyers who could wait for dividend payments. Even short term traders might consider the popular hardware maker with long years of presence in the PC industry.