Could Prologis Support Walmart Plus In Competition Against Amazon Prime?

One of the flourishing companies during the pandemic, Prologis had soaring revenue and earnings in the second quarter when most of the goods and services are seen online. Wix and Prologis are winning now on two completely different fields but COVID-19 makes them similar in the stock exchange.

Because of smooth Prime delivery membership Amazon is still gaining more market share in food and goods deliveries and sales while Uber Eats, Lyft and GrubHub are experiencing a large expansion of their industry.

Walmart is left behind Amazon due to slow deliveries that are backed by, most of the time. external parties. The upcoming one-day delivery Walmart+ could still be a “beta version” as making a fresh idea turn into a smooth system takes so long. Therefore, the largest property holder and logistics operator Prologis is able to push Walmart to develop that delivery system faster by having many logistics hubs in the U.S and abroad.