Could SPAC Merger Happen to HUMBL (TSNPD)?

The merger between Tesoro Enterprise (OTC: TSNP) and HUMBL Inc has already been executed through an all-stock transaction. The new entity is known as HUMBL Inc (OTC: TSNPD).

Could SPAC Merger Happen to HUMBL (TSNPD)?

However, in the season of SPAC (special purpose acquisition companies) it is fair to wonder whether such a merger can happen to HUMBL. The company seeks to start filing its financial results to the Securities and Exchange Commission immediately and start positing its financials to the agency for the period that ended in December 2020.

For those wondering about a potential SPAC deal, it should be noted that the transaction in question was just like any other such deal. In this case, Tesoro acted as the SPAC and merged with HUMBL to create a new entity. Those who held shares in Tesoro continued to hold their shares and were further given a stake in the new entity. It has been a mutually beneficial deal for both parties.

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