Could SpaceX Acquire Maxar For Continuous Improvement?

Colonizing Mars and other planets that human beings could dwell is not only a vision of SpaceX but other space corporations put it on top priorities. Racing in cosmic expansionism has already started in the previous century. However, the players were linked to governments. Right now private companies successfully operate in space like transportation and exploration.

Musk’s successful SpaceX could offer a cheap and efficient way of delivering items and cosmonauts via reliable rockets that are backed by high technology that no other corporations have.

Why not consider other areas of providing goods and services to achieve possibly easier and cheaper space tourism? Maxar’s long business linked to the space field led to positive EPS and net income which attract many long term investors.

If entrepreneurial skills of SpaceX team copes to buy Maxar up its revenue will jump and new opportunities are going to unveil tech breakthrough for faster colonization of planets nearby.