Could Tesla, Nikola, Ayro, Electra Meccanica Use Boston Dynamics’ ‘Dog Like’ Robots To Map Their Plants?

Perhaps, Ford made a smart move in exploiting AI-backed Spot robots from Boston Dynamics in surveying Michigan plant. To explore and assess mega structures takes a long time as Ford’s digital engineering manager, Mark Goderis says, “Scanning one plant could take two weeks. With Fluffy’s help, we are able to do it in half the time.” However, the robots cost around $75000 (retail price). Ford needs these two robots for all of its plants to save a lot of time (weeks maybe).

EV makers are continuously expanding their manufacturing capabilities by acquiring and building new plants in various places in the world. Recently, Ayro acquired a plant in Texas. Moreover, Nikola is planning to build a plant in Texas near the Tesla plant. Canadian Electra Meccanica soon will expand too, somewhere in North America since its economy class EVs attract many customers.

So, fast-expanding EV manufacturers actually need assistance from high tech robot maker Boston Dynamics which lets its robots use 360-degree scanning with AI linked analytical features to evaluate the current condition of any building. Soon, even architects may start ordering such intelligent and soulless creatures to assess buildings’ current conditions.