Could Virgin Galactic’s stock (SPCE) survive if October 22 test resulted no success?

Last Virgin Galactic’s flight test in February was successful resulting in the stock rocketing by at least 100%. The upcoming 22nd October test with two passengers in the worst case, supposedly may not satisfy the company’s stakeholders. Not always everything goes smoothly. So what happens to SPCE?

The stock would likely be decreased by 80% maximum as investors start to sell and restore their hard-earned funds. 19 days left to launch the empowered cosmic jet that has two passengers initially. The company is still raising funds from reservations, issuing shares, and taking some debts. So, millions are waiting for the test which is fully backed by the Virgin Galactic’s developers. In the worst case, the stockholders will quickly run away and even sue the company.

Another Theranos could be born then but Virgin Galactic is backed by several companies of Richard Branson and anytime they will likely support swiftly. From $20.77 to $45 SPCE may soar within a day of the testing.