Could Vroom’s Stock (NASDAQ: VRM) Surpass $100?

Carvana’s rival Vroom just made triumphal fundraising via IPO on Tuesday. 117.73% rise within one day by trading 16,366,501 shares NASDAQ: VRM has already crossed $50 when NYSE: CVNA attracts with $113.55. Soon $100 aim could be achieved as the U.S economy recently reopened and demand for used cars is on the rise.

Having a red color site with many specs and features like Carvana has, Vroom does not add details on the front page. Maybe, this style could lure visitors who eventually buy, sell, or trade cars on its platform.

Everyone has different preferences in choosing the right auto site. Before referring to Carvana or Vroom, most people visit Edmunds that came up with an idea of appraising cars to serve the public. Shortly, we all may see IPO debut from Edmunds too.

Alex Krakowsky

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