Could Wallstreetbets Support Lordstown Motors (RIDE) Stock?

Last year AMC and GME stocks were so obsessive to long-term holders as millions of buyers continued to buy for several consecutive weeks. In their predictions page on Reddit Lordstown Motors is not mentioned but in their direct messaging platforms RIDE might be on the spot.

During hard times when EV makers are lacking hard cash, the public can support them using any possible means. Wallstreetbets once has proven to be the most effective way to revive dying stocks during the pandemic.

This month is unveiling the backfire of trillions of US dollars that were printed by the fed to support every jobless American during the lockdown. Inflation is seriously hitting big markets of stocks and cryptos. Real estate is still holding its solid price position.

RIDE is one of the SOS sending stocks that plays a significant role to keep the ecology green and dump oil and gas prices. Wallstreetbets community is probably reviewing Lordstown to make it the next AMC or GME this year.

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