Could Walmart Acquire FedEx, UPS To Beat Amazon In Delivery Speed?

Amazon and Walmart are the biggest hostile competitors in the multi-trillion worth retail industry. In e-commerce, Amazon is way much bigger than Walmart but in having store chains it is nothing as compared to its counterpart. The obvious cause of Amazon’s success in online retailing is its well-systemized Prime delivery subscription plan which is backed by planes, warehouses, trucks, vans, and many more.

To compete online Walmart has put insufficient efforts, perhaps, the transition to full e-commerce could cost its existence on the retailing ground. However, it didn’t add any assets to support the ambitious goal to be a leader in online retailing.

For instance, Walmart could easily buy Workhorse up to initialize drone delivery in certain American states. It is not awfully late for the company to acquire some postal service providers that have a huge baggage of experience and assets as well. UPS and FedEx are the most suitable choices for Walmart to start its massive e-commerce strategy.

Any financial institution can easily help in this visionary acquisition. But will its top managers go for it? This decision could only be done in the case of brutal expansion toward e-commerce. Currently, consumers still have time and energy to visit Walmart stores but at any time this tendency may slowly stop because younger generations prefer shopping online unlike their predecessors who like to feel the product physically before paying for it.

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