Could Walmart Acquire Workhorse and UPS To Compete Against Amazon?

As retailers file for bankruptcy online business is not reaching the peak. Additionally, the COVID-19 crisis speeds up the shrinking number of retail businesses. Thus, delivery services became highly demanded via a well-organized system.

Amazon has managed to grab more market share than any other online shop in the world due to its Prime delivery system which requires a monthly membership. By the way, UPS and FedEx have been losing significant market shares because of Amazon Prime.

Just like eBay, one day Amazon may end up being at the last position of top 10 online retailers. The main retailer Walmart couldn’t beat Amazon online because of not well-functioning delivery service. There is a very obvious opportunity seen to Walmart in becoming a top online retailer in the U.S.

Buying Workhorse and UPS may change the current situation in favor of Walmart. As both companies focus on an optimized delivery system that could openly compete with Amazon Prime, Walmart may shortly spend huge funds to harmonize them in one synergy.

To make this decisive move Walmart needs extra funds and mutual agreements from both well-established companies.