Creatd (CRTD) Soars By 38% In The Market Opening, But Avoid It At All Costs

On July 9, Creatd’s stock was at $4.19. Nevertheless, today it is gaining momentum and is now at $5.78, resulting in a 38% gain. Some stocks are best avoided. When we see our fellow investors suffer losses, we are in great pain. Imagine holding Creatd for half a century when the stock price has dropped 88%. Note also that the company’s shares have shown poor results over the past year, the price fell by 70%. On the other hand, the share price has jumped 9.9% over the past week.
Over the past half-decade, Creatd’s revenue has grown 39% per year. This is better than most unprofitable companies. Therefore, it is not entirely clear to us why the share price dropped by 13% during this time. You have to assume that the market is worried that profits will not appear soon enough. While there may be an opportunity here, you should take a close look at the strength of the balance.

Creatd shareholders fell 70% over the year, but the market itself grew 41%. Sometimes even the prices of good stocks fall, but we want to see improvements in business fundamentals before we take a special interest in them. Unfortunately, last year’s results were poor, with shareholders losing 13% a year over five years. Generally speaking, long-term weakness in stock prices may be a bad sign, although opposing investors may want to study the stock in the hope of improving the situation.

Richard McEntire

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