CryptoGreyman Is A New NFT Project With Over 7 Billion Units

Dutch artist Dadara has created CryptoGreyman, a project that aims to raise awareness of more honest individuality in web 3. CryptoGreyman is a collection of digital assets that feature a pixelated version of Dadara’s 90s-era character, Greyman. While the objects are physically identical, they have different serial numbers. According to Dadara, the concept of the project is to address the current pressure to be unique. The project focuses on individuality, not on rare traits or exclusive communities.

According to RAIRTech’s Garrett Mink, the project is more democratized due to the number of people who want to identify with the objects. Each CryptoGreyman asset comes with a unique serial number that the buyer can call their own. The CryptoGreyman project is also helping refugees around the world. Through a program, over 2,000 digital assets will be dispersed to help refugees start their own wallets and sell NFTs. Dadara says that CryptoGreyman is a dead-serious prank that can elevate the conversation. Its NFT experiment is unpredictable and can result in an unpredictable outcome.