CryptoSword Metaverse Battle Mode Is Now Available  

CryptoSword (SWD) is the best performer token of the day, which is up 395% at $0.3158 over the last 24 hours. Currently, it is continuously soaring by almost 102%, resulting in a price of $0.1331. Besides, on January 10, the CryptoSword network was listed on CoinMarketcap, and accordingly, its market cap is not accessible yet, but its current ranking is 2937.

It might be a good idea to take a look at the Crypto Sword and its token SWD and analyze why the price has skyrocketed.


Moreover, CryptoSword is a Game-Fi NFT-based Metaverse game formed on the Binance Smart Chain. Such a price growth happened after announcing about V2 Metaverse Battle Mode, which is now fully finished and accessible to everyone. Crypto Sword is a metaverse game in which players compete against one other. After minting their swords, players can challenge other players. Depending on the sword level, it may choose from a variety of battle levels. With the play-to-win approach, prizes worth 5 USDT of SWD tokens, which are BEP-20 tokens, can be won.