CryptoWolf Sees High Volatilty And Decides To Close The Project For New Users

Due to the CryptoWolf’s token value being so low, it is closing its doors to new users. The drop in the token’s value was caused by the huge outflow of investors. The entry of new players affected the pool’s value. It was driven to high levels by the entry of these individuals.

The low amount of tokens that contributed to the pool was mainly due to the fact that the real price of CWOLF was not known by players. The real price of CryptoWolf would have reached its current value if the number of holders had remained constant. The virtual price of the pool affected the number of tokens that could be placed in it.

Due to the lack of re-investment, CryptoWolf’s team decided to increase the penalty on a claim. However, this did not prevent the daily claim of players. Because of this, the team decided to increase the penalty only to prevent it from being rejected. The daily claims and sales of those claims were causing the token to fluctuate lower. The team then realized that the support for the project was diminishing, which caused the game to be unstable. Due to the continuous decline of support from the community, the team decided to terminate the project for new users.