CSX Corp’s (CSX) Operating Income Jump 100%: What Else You Should Know About The Financial Results For The Second Quarter?

The stock was fluctuating by $30.10 from July 16 till July 21 with high volatility. Then the stock sharply rose to $32.88 which is also the highest one during the last five days. The average volume of the company is 11,508,809 shares and the total volume consists of 6,022,193 shares while the day’s range is $32.62 – $33.27.

On July 22, the CSX Corporation made an announcement about the higher income in the second quarter than it was expected before and it has resulted in the increase of the stock by 3% on the after-market trading. The net income has increased as well.

With the help of sales of the property rights to Virginia’s Commonwealth, the operating income was increased by more than 100% while reaching 1,691 million. The operating expenses were reduced approximately by 20% comparing to the previous year and the income from the sales increased by 26% comparing to the last year.

Trevor Omaha

Since 2009 Trevor has been eager to know the causes of financial crises. Right now he is actively searching for the next crisis which will decide the fate of the middle class in the Americas and Europe. We wish him good luck in his research.

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