CytoDyn Resumes Uptrend On Value Buying: What Next?

Companies that have been working on coronavirus treatments have seen their stocks record significant gains in recent times and one of those is CytoDyn Inc (OTC: CYDY).

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Earlier this week the company announced that the results from the CD 12 trial of its coronavirus treatment product Vyrologix have been made available. However, CytoDyn is going to reveal the results from the trial once it completes its discussions with the regulatory authorities. The product was tested on coronavirus patients as part of the trial.

The latest announcement from the company has led to a fresh wave of optimism about the CytoDyn stock and on Wednesday, it rallied by as high as 16.50%. In the Phase 2b/3 trial of the product, the company managed to enroll as many as 394 patients, who were suffering from severe to critical symptoms of COVID 19. Investors could consider keeping an eye on the developments and look out for the publication of the results from the trial from CytoDyn.

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