Datasea Skyrockets Amid Expanding Business in China To Monitor Public Safety and Health

On more than 22 million shares Datasea (NASDAQ: DTSS) soars over 150% right after signing a contract with Beijing Tengyuejunjie Parking Management (BTPM) to install its proprietary and Control System in a residential community in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, Nantaipingzhuang Beixiang.

It obviously seems that Datasea is may lose its technology to local authorities of Beijing or even the communist government of China. Very soon its copied AI tech could be available from Chinese startups that are backed by authorities. Then Datasea may cease its operations in China like many other tech companies from the West.

Law and order are very much strictly practiced by the Chinese population. Additionally, total control in the name of health and security might limit the freedom of ordinary local people.