DatChat Stock Surges Amid Recent News: What Should You Know?

During its last trading session, DatChat shares jumped by 45.77% and the value was $11.72. The price in the premarket increased by 2.05% and cost $11.96. The indicators have changed significantly in the last couple of months. On September 29, the stock’s growth was $17.65 and thus reached its maximum for this month. What is the reason for this growth?

There is a community of traders “Fintwit”, this is a community that consists of traders and investors. This community uses the Twitter platform to exchange information, opinions and discuss all key issues related to finance. One of the reasons for the rise in the stock price was the bullish comments of one popular participant @ Mrzackmorris. He likes the quality of the DatChat app and the low stock level and said that “we’re going to pay $10, $20, $30, maybe $50.” According to Benzinga Pro, currently, the total volume of Datchet shares is 14.493 million shares. Datechat is engaged in the development of communication software, which is focused on its mobile messaging application. They provide a messaging platform by giving users control over sent messages.