Dave Is Trading Publicly On Nasdaq Since January

Today, Dave Inc., a banking app, is on the trending chart by reaching about 17% to the price of $6.13 despite not making any updates about the company. However, on January 5, the company stated that they had officially completed the business merger with VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings III, Inc. Dave’s company was valued at $4 billion after the merger with the blank-check company. Upon completion of the merger of the VPC business, it has started trading under the name “Dave Inc.” on Nasdaq and entered the market on January 6, 2022, starting at a price of $7.44.


Moreover, the company is currently a cheaper alternative to traditional banks and charges fewer fees per month of $1. As the company claims, the online bank has helped customers avoid nearly $1 billion in overdraft fees. Currently, the company has more than 10 million users, while the market capitalization is 2 billion dollars. And by 2022, the company expects about $ 200 million in revenue, which is 60% more than last year.