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Decimal Sees Further Correction After Major Drop

Each token in the network is provided with a minimum amount of collateral. The amount of collateral required is 10,000 DEL. Decimal’s price is currently at $0.283843 with a 24-hour trading volume of $138,838 coins. The CRR parameter is not subject to change during the lifetime of the coin. It shows a change in the amount of collateral that is available to the coin. For anyone wanting to convert fiat money to DEL, go to the Decimal exchange website. There, he can either buy a DEL coin from the site or withdraw it from his non-custodial wallet.

Unlike Bitcoin, DEL is not mined. Instead, it is only a reward that can be used for useful work. User is not required to know the details of their work to become a Validator. The user keeps his DELs in his wallet. He can also send and receive them with his close friends. Unlike Bitcoin DEL, it is not mined and does not require electricity to perform calculations. This is a key link in our project. User doesn’t need to understand the details of their work yet. He just stores his DELs in a wallet and lets his friends use them as their own digital currency. Private keys are kept in a private place.