Delivero (ROO.L) Shares’ Fall : Should We Trust The Forecasts Of Experts ?

Today, the company’s shares amounted to 294.60 GBP, 1.54% lower than yesterday’s value. For six months, the dynamics of growth in share prices have not changed much. The highest price growth reached on April 7 and amounted to 28,600 GBP. On the following day, the shares fell to 282.00 GBP. From May to June, the shares amounted to 284.10 GBP. The pandemic became a roller coaster of Deliveroo, and due to the initial closure, when the restaurant was forced to turn off the lights, Deliveroo reached its limit. He was also detained for a long-term investigation into Amazon’s acquisition of a minority stake in the business by the Competition and Markets Administration, which Shu called the process “unbearable” in an interview. As a result, some fund managers rejected their actions.

Although Deliveroo still lost £224 million in 2020, they might think of it despite the limited audience for food delivery. In the end, the value of these shares is 390 pence, which is the lower end of the range set at the beginning of the process. The first day of trading was a disaster: the share price fell by 26% to 287 pence, although they have since risen and changed hands for 295 pence.

Paul Meyer

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