Deliveroo Shares Lose 1,78%: Is It Worth Investing Now?

Yesterday, Deliveroo shares were trading at 353.60 GBP, 1.78% below the starting point. The share price reached a significant increase last month. On August 18, share prices rose by 395.00 GBP and reached their maximum. Deliveroo Hero operates takeaway food delivery companies throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. He previously ran the Hungry House brand in the UK before selling the franchise to local operator Just Eat (JET.L) in 2017.

Deliveroo Shares Lose 1,78%: Is It Worth Investing Now? The registration on the share market showed that the Berlin-based Delivery Hero bought a 5% stake in Deliveroo. This news raised the share price of Deliveroo by 8% to 350 pence. Also, other news that supported the price included a UK court ruling in June that Deliveroo riders are self-employed. In July, the company raised its recommendations for transaction growth for the year, later reporting strong results for the first half of the year, strengthening confidence that the food delivery market will be able to maintain momentum even when the economy recovers from the crisis.

Lora Nilsson

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