Demole (DMLG) Tries To Recover The Market With 16.8% Growth: What’s Next?

Demole demonstrates long-awaited growth of 16.8%. Currently, it is trading at $0.201821, adding $0.02 to the token value. Demole entered the crypto world on October 20 with a value of $0.23, however, on October 21 it dramatically declined to the mark of $0.172. It can be noted that the cryptocurrency has a good recovery program. Many experts believe that if the token continues to grow at this pace, then in a short time, it will pass the one-dollar mark.Binance Smart Chain Launches Today | Binance Blog On the official website, ordinary users can play the game without even downloading the app. The game is called “The world of Demole”, where during the passage of various levels, users can earn tokens. Also, Demole believes that through the exchange of currencies of real money and cryptocurrencies, the team will maintain the balance of money in the user’s countries. 

Miriam Bozini

Finance and Business Reporter