Dev Clover (DEV.L) What Caused The Growth Of Shares By 907% Over the Past Year?

On June 29, the shares of Dev Clover Holdings reached their peak – 45.22 pounds sterling. However, the next day they fell slightly and amounted to 43.00. Today, the share price was 42.16 pounds sterling. The company’s market capitalization is 253.418 million pounds sterling.

The share price of Dev Clover Holdings (LONG: DEV) has increased by a whopping 907% over the past year, which is a good profit for one year. In addition, the share price increased by 136% in about a quarter. This may be due to recent financial results, last year Dev Clover Holdings increased revenue by 161%.

It is expected that companies without profit will increase revenue every year, and at the same time not bad. This is explained by the fact that rapid income growth can be easily extrapolated to predict profits, often of significant size. It seems likely that the market is waiting for fundamental changes in the business before pushing the share price up or down.

Anthony Gonzales

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