DexTools Forms A Stable Uptrend In This Week After Big Crash

DexTools price is currently $0.502733 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,124,018. DEXT token jumps 9.2% today. DexTools has an amazing project called DEXT Score which is considered as one of the tools the company has, DEXT Score is a tool that can help users avoid getting lured into a fraudulent scheme. Unfortunately, it is still commonly used by scammers to carry out their activities. The DEXT Score is an algorithm that measures the confidence of a project based on the information gathered from the blockchain and external sources.

These are the tokens that have the most potential to be legitimate projects, but are not yet ready to be fully transparent. Users should only invest in these if they believe they are legitimate. These are usually tokens that fail to meet the minimum standards. Due to their low creation score or lack of social information, they may be considered scams. A token with a score under 50 is usually a new token that has failed in many of the aforementioned criteria. There are many opportunities in this area, but only if you are willing to put in the high risk. DEXT Users are able to use real-time data analysis to create unique trading strategies and monitor the most profitable wallets.