Diamond Fields Resources (DFIFF) Rockets 46% Without Any News: What’s The Buzz?

It is often seen that stocks rally strongly despite there being no news about the company in question and such a thing happened with the Diamond Fields Resources Inc (OTCMKTS: DFIFF) stock.

The stock has been one of the major gainers this year so far and managed to record gains of as high as 220%. The strong rally continued on Friday as the Diamond Fields stock managed to clock gains of as big as 46% despite there being no news about the company’s business.

In such a situation, it might be a good idea to maybe look into the company’s business a bit more closely. Diamond Fields trades on the TSX Venture Exchange and currently owns properties in African nations like Madagascar and Namibia. The company has revealed that it has the capability of looking into development projects at those properties. However, it needs to be remembered that there has been no news about the company and the rally could well be speculative in nature.

Richard McEntire

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