Dismukes’ Breathtaking AR VR NFTs “Death Merchant” Available on Terra Virtua Now

From as little as $99.99  AR/VR-based NFTs under the name of “Death Merchant” are conquering Terra Virtua space. Right now six are seen on the screen but one has no price. Maybe the system is picking a suitable value for it. An artist John Taylor Dismukes is behind this masterpiece creation. His painted 1982 airbrush work has finally come out in the shape of tokens.

Terra Virtua $TVK | Collecting. Reinvented. (@Terra_Virtua) / Twitter

Dismukes said, “AR/VR collectibles are a brand new frontier for artists, especially when augmented reality gives people the chance to live and breathe a piece of work,” he continued, “Sharing my art in this way is something I’ve been wanting to do my whole life. Platforms like Terra Virtua provide artists with an amazing opportunity to participate in this new frontier/community and we’re very excited to be a part of it.”