Do Not Buy Cosmos (COSM) Stock Until You See This Price

Without any news Cosmos (NASDAQ: COSM) abruptly jumps more than 100% on over seven million shares in the premarket. Eight days ago Cosmos has shared valuable information from its full 2021 financial reports.

The revenue kept growing as well as adjusted EBITDA has increased significantly in 2021 as compared to the previous year. Due to the accounting techniques, the adjusted EBITDA grew not organically but from sales of assets or depreciation. The company has a long way to expand and reach a new level of revenue to cover all the revenue costs and operating expenses. Because of high competition, organic growth may take years for Cosmos to enjoy positive EPS. Today’s price is artificially pumped. The next trading session will unveil its true under $1 value which is the right price to start buying if you still believe in Cosmos’ potential.

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