Do Not Buy Inspirato (ISPO) Stock Now, Here is Why

As we all remember PLTR was brightly shining on headlines when it debuted in 2020. In a month it reached $35 then fell to $15 sharply a couple of months later. Huge whales are buying the debuting ISPO shares now in the hope to push it by 400% max. Later in a week, they will sell them slowly by making at least 200% returns. Inspirato’s luxury travel industry doesn’t attract investors at all because Palantir was in the high-tech field.

We conclude ISPO is being manipulated by the big wolves that eat their prey being hot. Right now it is trading at $56 by skyrocketing 333.33% on over two million volume. That’s why it is too late to buy ISPO shares. It is highly recommended to wait for them to drop near the initial price of $14 per share.