Doge Dash Evaluates Further Rise While Making Bears

In 2021, the popularity of crypto projects has exploded. With many new projects coming out in the following months, it has been difficult to predict which ones will succeed or fail. Players can earn coins through various gameplay and contributions to the game’s ecosystem. The price equals $0.001631 rising 7.75% in the 24-hours. DogeDash is a fast-paced game with 10 challenging levels. Players must dash over and under platforms to complete the game.

100 DogeDash will be removed from the player’s wallet when he causes a certain Dash within the game. But all those tokens will automatically be added to the player’s wallet to keep the game going and onboard. By reaching the very last level of the game in the Dash Network, the player is able to obtain a total of 10 thousand of DogeDash coins. Additionally, the player’s character will get a set of cool bonuses in the game and make them use of for their own benefits. DogeDash is a game developed by Crypto Gaming company Crypto Gaming Labs. It is a turn-based game where players aim to dash as fast as they can through the game’s 10 levels.