Doge Dash NFTs Collection Launches On December 4: Here Is More About It

Doge Dash is a new play-to-earn game operated on the Binance Smart Chain platform BEP-20 token, and you can purchase it on PancakeSwap. During the day, the token price is gradually tanking from its peak of $0.001653 to a low of $0.001482, losing over 10%. Doge Dash isn’t only a meme coin; it’s also a fun game similar to Flappy Bird. Doge Dash tokens are awarded to players that acquire coins. Each Dash costs 100 coins, and if players reach the final level, they can earn up to 10,000 DOGEDASH.

On December 4, the platform will release their debut Doge Dash NFT’s collection on OpenSea. There are only 10,000 skins available; it says there will be considerable demand for NFT, especially since the founder of the Grammy-nominated project, Paul Kaslin, stated that “this will also be the only collection of NFT that will ever be used in the game. Therefore, each NFT is unusual in its way, but few of them have special abilities that allow players to pass the game with a high probability and get their rewards. Special abilities are when rewards are increased up to 3 times, which means that if you collect all 10,000 DogeDash coins in the game, you can get a whopping 30,000 directly to your wallet.