Doge Rise Up Is About To Release Its P2E Game

DOGERISEUP is a BSC based token. Doge Rise Up wants to create and expand its customer base with Metaverse and Doge NFT as users will be able to earn while playing. This project wants to develop a platform that supports the user’s journey so that they don’t feel helpless and stay in the market. The worth of the token until the evening was stable at $0.000000000531. However, in the following hours, it soared more than 180% to 0.0000000015%. The price fell as quickly as it rose.

The advantages of Doge Rise Up are its speedy, safety, and 100% decentralization. Thanks to BSC, Doge Rise Up is able to perform fast and efficient transactions. This platform allows you to insert special records designed to protect against fraud. According to its roadmap, it’s in its second phase. Upon reaching 1000 and 2000 token holders, and 5000 members in Telegram, this phase will be completed. In addition, it plans to launch a P2E game on February 5 and cooperate with influential partners.