Don’t Buy Indonesia Energy (INDO) Stock Until This Day

Oil and gas stocks are having a great February this year while crude oil is surging towards the $100 mark. Moreover, energy-related sanctions to aggressive Russia are also affecting the oil-producing companies’ revenues positively. Their stocks are rocketing crazily, for instance, CEI, IMPP, SNMP, ENSV, USWS, IO shares are growing at least 12% today.

Newsom oil: Governor backs tougher rules on wells - CalMatters

Indonesia Energy (INDO) shares are soaring as well but 76% growth in a day gives a great chance for shorters to enjoy swift downfall later. If you didn’t buy INDO shorting could be great but if you plan to buy it now you better avoid it as the uncertainty may hit its price any day. After Russia and Ukraine stop fighting INDO and many more energy stocks will fall. That time you have a good opportunity to buy them for penny costs.