Don’t Rush To Sell Peloton Interactive Stock In 2022

Recently, investors do not like that Peloton Interactive, a company that produces fitness equipment, has become less likely to release monthly workouts. Today, the company already has about 6 million members on its account. Peloton subscribers have become less likely to use fitness training, so the company should focus on customer retention in order to improve financial performance. Due to the rare use of the company’s services, skeptics believe that people use the equipment as hangers for their clothes.

Peloton Interactive

But this statement is considered illogical since according to statistics for the first quarter of 2022, Peloton devices are used in 54% of the days of the quarter. This proves the relevance of the product, which increases the subscriber retention rate in one year (92%). Peloton might be a fantastic investment if it can continue to grow its subscription business. With so many unexplored possibilities, it’s easy to imagine the organization can pull it off. Therefore, it is only a matter of time. If in the new year Peloton Interactive tries to attract new and retain old subscribers, then the volume of stock will grow in the blink of an eye.