DOOM Eternal: Tips For Defeating Deag Ranak and Guardians in Doom Hunter Boss Fight

Finally, streaming gamers got the DOOM Eternal’s PC version to show off how they enjoy first-person shooter game from id Software. As normal, the game has several bosses that have special powers to surprise any player who intends to defeat with pleasure. One of them is Priest’s Guardian with two horns and a half machine-backed body which has a double saw and rocket launcher.

Weak Points

Surprisingly, his shield and sled are weak parts. However, they seem very solid by graphics. Do not forget to get Plasma Rifle for disabling or freezing him. The main purpose is to damage the sled then the easiest task for destroying the shield will be a joy.

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Dodging the enemy

There are dozens of enemy units shooting and slaying you with a bunch of lethal weapons. You better run and roam around them by paying narrow attention to both Doom Hunters. It is not easy to target their weak points since they move fast and you can’t predict their next locations. When there is an alert saying “Incoming missiles” get cover behind columns and ruins. Try to collect ammo and weapons as the war booty from filthy beasts. There is no friend there. You are on your own!

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Talking Priest Deag Ranak

He actually poses no threat but coordinates the evil team to kill you. Just use everything you have with smart targeting. In the end, you will enjoy the beheading of the priest. Comment below what you felt in eliminating the weird boss.

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