Dow Loses 104 Points, S&P 500 Shrinks by 26 Points, VXRT, EYEN, CAPR, BFRA Gain At Least 10%

This week seems to be the same as the previous ones with healthcare stocks rocketing and certain tech stocks gain a bit. Especially, biotech stocks could gain 10% minimum while others plunged by pulling the indexes like Dow and S&P 500 to lose 104.53 and 26.78 points relatively.

This market movement signals that investors are still hesitant in buying shares from companies that are still vulnerable to the pandemic. Some tech stocks are slowly emerging along with vaccine making companies’ shares.

Hardly hit travel stocks are gaining slowly as many tourists are eager to go abroad for new trips. However, feared governments are still keeping their borders closed while COVID-19 cases rise.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow to major indexes around the world. By the way, Nikkei 225 gained 420.30 points or rose 1.88% leaving the western counterparts to grieve for a while.