Dow Stock Announces Several Accomplishments In Its Efforts

Since the beginning of the new week, the DOW price has been recovering after falling to $ 57.45 on Friday. In just 2 hours, it plunged 4% from $ 59.32 to $ 56.95 after today’s opening of trading. As for the price change over the last 5 days, it has decreased by 2.8%.

Dow offers a variety of materials science solutions for the consumer electronics, infrastructure, and packaging markets. It announced several advances in its efforts to prevent plastic waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide customers with recycled plastic products.

Here are some of its achievements. Dow and Fuenix Ecogy Group are expanding the companies’ initial agreement to scale up their circular plastics production through improved recycling with the construction of a second plant. Also, Dow and Gunvor Petroleum Rotterdam have signed an agreement to purify the pyrolysis oil feedstock obtained from plastic waste. Additionally, It has entered a multi-year agreement with New Hope Energy to supply the Company with pyrolysis oil feedstocks derived from plastics processed in North America.