Drug maker’s stock to get 3x returns: Titan Pharmaceuticals (TTNP)

Penny stocks are always capable of multiplying returns by 300% easily while a biotech firm called Titan Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: TTNP) can also deliver optimal wealth-generating growth for short term traders. Right now TTNP is surging more than 60% in premarket on over two million shares as the company announces debt settlement with lenders who are gentle now with struggling pharma organizations.

Since June 2020 TTNP has been plunging from $0.42 to today’s under $0.20 as updates have not been released for a long time. Therefore, gamblers get out of the bandwagon instantly. Now they are crazily jumping by getting thousands of shares along with other penny stocks compiled in biotech portfolios.

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Until the market closes some long-term investors may buy millions of shares seeing the balance sheet is getting better and stronger with some improved current assets. Hence, gamblers may decrease the stock a bit but shareholders need to wait for a sudden jump in weeks. Buying thousands of shares from penny biotech stocks may save the portfolio from quick downturns.

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