Dunxin Financial Stock Finally Hit A New Highs: Here Is Why

Dunxin Financial Holding’s stock market is at a peak demonstrating by 21% to $1.9200 in pre-market trading sessions. Also, I want to add that the price has moved forward during the five days without falling; for instance, from $1.3325 to $1.5800, marking an increase of 18%. Everyone wants to own the Metaverse, including Facebook and Microsoft, but Dunxin is no exception. Today, the company said that it is preparing to transfer its business to the Metaverse industry soon after much research and development. Is it time to buy this stock? Consequently, at present, the company is aiming to hire specialists.

According to the statements, the company is considered in the industry related to the Metaverse, including blockchain, NFT, AI, etc., while the company aims to cooperate with parties in the Metaverse industry. In the next ten years, the Metaverse is anticipated to provide excellent financial prospects. It is also expected that the next 3-5 years will be studying the Metaverse at an early stage. At this point, the metaverse industry is affecting well to the stock market, and as you can notice, the worth of DXF is continuously soaring on the volume of 1,018,791 shares.