Dying Light 2 Plays Smooth With RTX 3090 Using 4K Resolution

Today we are back with another extensive game benchmark. This time we are checking out the hotly anticipated Dying Light 2 which is developed by Techland. This is, of course, the sequel to 2015’s Dying Light but Dying Light 2 is actually using the new C engine and it has plenty of Ray Traced effects as well. so today we test RTX 3090 using 4K resolution. So, you know exactly what sort of performance you can expect by jumping right into the settings menu then.

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First of all, we have the main video settings menu with things like resolution upscaling and Vsync. You can also choose between the game’s three different presets here where you’ve got low, medium, and high. There is an advanced settings menu though where we get access to a few more options to tweak. I wouldn’t say it’s a super extensive selection here with the options mainly focusing on different lighting settings like shadows, global illumination, and ambient inclusion but there are at least a few different settings to tweak. As for the actual settings I’m going to be using for the testing today we did the bulk of our benchmarking by using the high preset which maxes everything out.Dying Light 2 Stay Human on Steam

For the benchmark sequence, we’re using it for all of our testings. I used a section early on in the game when the player has just arrived in Villadore and you’re trying to get down to the bazaar. Many of you who have played the game will know the early forest section is even more demanding, so I did think about benchmarking there but after playing through the first three hours or so I just don’t think that’s necessarily representative of the overall experience. As past that initial hour, the player is in the city this section I benchmark though, seeing the player jumping off platforms, running on the rooftops, and getting on a zip wire. So I say it is pretty representative of the core gameplay all of our testing was done on a system supplied to us by Cyberpower and it’s based on an Intel i9 12900k CPU that’s plugged into an MSI z690 carbon, wi-fi motherboard almost 32 gigabytes of corsair dominated platinum DDR5 memory clocked in at 5200 megahertz and as for drivers, of course, we’re using the latest at the time of testing. So for Nvidia is the 511.65 driver destined to play a crucial role to run the game.

A very popular Youtube channel KitGuruTech shares a video that has obvious proof that RTX 3090 has the highest results in playing the game. For instance, the GPU shows 59.8 at 1% lows and 70 for average FPS by using 4k resolution.