Eagle Token Makes It The Global Market With 10 Trillion Tokens Circulating

For the first three phases, the Eagle Token team will supply 4 trillion. In the second phase, 1 trillion will be burnt and the remaining 0.5 trillion will be donated to support childhood cancer. The overall supply will equal just 10 trillion tokens. Eagle Dev is a startup focused on developing a decentralized transaction network that will operate on the Ethereum blockchain. Its main idea is to provide a secure and robust ecosystem for decentralized transactions.

The path forward for Eagle Token can be determined by the market, but it is clear that its model is the best way to succeed. Its hyper-deflationary nature and its ability to distribute a 2% transaction tax make it a compelling investment. The scarcity of the token increases as the circulating supply decreases. Eagle Token was launched with 10 trillion tokens. Its price is deflationary and is distributed as follows: 2% to the holders, 4% to the liquidity pool, and 6% to the burn address. The ownership of Eagle Token was renounced at its launch. Its community is responsible for all communications and marketing efforts.