eCash (XEC) Coin Price Prediction: Monthly Bullish But YTD Loser

An insane crypto coin from eCash blockchain system, XEC seems to get on a new trail of growth. Cheap but huge in volume XEC could slowly gain 16% in a month although it is considered as a losing coin in the annual long run.

Even if we look at three months period XEC has been doing not so well as $0.00012 became so easy to lose. So what is pulling it to plunge? Several bad external factors are doing it. The growing strength of competitors, short-term plummeting demand for crypto, dynamic market, and many more.

2021 was a fortune-making year for XEC as it could bounce twice in September and November by reaching $0.0003615 maximum. This year it could do that using a different approach. Perhaps mind-blowing news impacted by a social influencer or technological breakthrough.

If XEC continuously grows 16% in a month almost 19 years are needed to reach the September 2021 value. However, the market isn’t always predictable when fiat money is getting weaker and weaker.

xec price prediction