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Edwards Lifesciences Corporation’s Long-Term Rocketing Stock, Q1 2020 Net Income and Earnings Soar

Last week’s trades made a fortune to NYSE: EW adding roughly $5. Just on May 29, the stock grew to $224.72. Enthusiastic investors by looking at this opportunity increased its trading volume to 1.62 million shares which are greater than the average volume of 1.59 million shares.

Edwards Lifesciences has recently revealed its Q1 2020 financial results with fascinating net income and earnings.

Financial report for the first quarter ended in March 2020

Quarterly the revenue fell by $45.4 million but the cost of revenue and operating income plummeted and caused a seriously well-grown operating income of $368,400,000. Thus, earning per share increased quarterly from 0.0013 to 0.0015.

Edwards Lifesciences Corporation’s value in NYSE is $46.417 billion which could grow even further as the company’s revenue and earnings might soar because of its participation in fighting the COVID-19.