Effect Network (EFX) Skyrockets Today: Time To Make Profit?

Today, Effect Network has soared 100.4% and is trading at $0.07185. The artificial intelligence market is expanding at a rapid pace, with an estimated value of $15.7 trillion in 2030. The Effect Network is a private, decentralized ecosystem for AI development and AI-related services offered by AI. This network is intended to be a competitive alternative to Amazon Mechanical Turk, Fiverr, OneSpace, and Guru. The EFX token will be released on the NEO network and will comply with the NEP-5 token standard.

In The Effect Network, this will be the setting for payments between employees and requesters. The first purpose of Effect.AI is to keep EFX tokens liquid, especially in the early phases when the token was not listed on any major exchanges. On their platform, they want the following actions to be available at all times: Workers can exchange their EFX for local tokens. EFX can be purchased by applicants and network users. The Effect Network will maintain a central token pool to help with this by providing liquidity, encouraging adoption, and stabilizing network costs.