EksoNR Will Lift Ekso Bionics’ (EKSO) Revenue Higher Due To Rising Number of Victims With Damaged Nervous System

Progress makes people busy by removing them out of poverty. Clear examples are East and South-East Asians who were poor just a couple of decades ago. Now every one of them can afford to buy items like average American and European usually get. However, there is a dark side of the materialistic progress; problems appear after one another and normal humans can’t bear them for long. In their 40s and 50s they usually get neural diseases like stroke, migraine, dementia, and so on. A serious effect of these issues is seen in victims’ weak movements and even disability to move their hands, heads, legs, and tongues.

Because of the stress caused by multiple problems, the number of patients is getting bigger. Hence, innovative EksoNR exoskeleton has proven its quality in assisting the buyers’ movements. Soon, Ekso Bionics may experience huge orders from patients in different countries regardless of economic and social situations.

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What could happen to a company’s stock when its revenue keeps jumping? Its stock surely surges significantly. EKSO is one of the cheap stocks now. In a short time, it will double if wealthy investors see the full potential in the company.

Alex Krakowsky

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