Electra Meccanica Solo and Ayro 311 Can Speed Up Grab and Uber in Food Delivery Service

Busy and lazy ones love ordering via apps that enable any food to be delivered in a very short time. Uber and Grab are the major players that could have faster delivery service by having drivers using the most optimized EVs which are more efficient and faster than petrol backed cars and motorcycles.

Electra Meccanica Solo and Ayro 311 are the perfect game-changers in big cities for professional and personal use. Currently, there are no EVs that could be cheaper, faster, and more convenient than them.

The motorcycle is faster and lighter but has little space in baggage while Solo and Ayro 311 have larger storage that fits more food thus making more revenue for the delivery guy.

Soon delivery services will largely use Solo and Ayro 311 due to obvious reasons stated above. Even commuting one may shift from bigger cars to these tiny but many more advantages giving EVs.