Eliminating Gladiator in DOOM Eternal

Another beast comes to destroy your mission in saving humanity. Heh, gladiator! Such an epic name but not scary. Though he has the horrifying look when screams like the roar of the lion. His shield is a major problem so you need special tactics to fight him heroically. Just do not be shocked when he beats you with the chained sharp ball.

Slow but strong

The shield makes him unbeatable however its heavyweight doesn’t allow him to react and attack quickly. Moreover, he is huge and sends a red square fire from his shield at a very fast speed. So you need to run around by cleaning your way from small monsters. Some of them take a long time to be ripped off so you need epic guns.

Open and fast

After losing the shield he becomes much angrier and faster. Try to be healthy when he blocks both sides by lashing with whips and chains. Missile backed guns are a better choice to target his open body. Even at that time, small beasts will attack you with high enthusiasm.