Elrond (EGLD) Dips 3%: Will It Grow To $300?

Within 24 hours, there were no significant changes in the price of the token, it declined by only $ 6.68, which is a 2.7% loss. The cost was plummeting for 8 hours, eventually fell to $ 219.04. An hour later, it recovered but commenced dipping again. Thus, the current price is $ 222.29 with a trading volume of $133,591,897. Elrond (EGLD) has a circulating supply of 20 Million EGLD tokens and a total supply of 20.4 Million.

Elrond Announces The Official Launch Of The Maiar WalletElrond blockchain protocol aims to provide a very high transaction rate by sharding. The project describes itself as a technological ecosystem for the new Internet, including decentralized finance and the Internet of Things. Moreover, it’s able to perform 15,000 transactions per second, a delay of six seconds, and the value of the transaction is $0.001. In addition, blockchain has its own EGLD token, which is used for the payment of network charges, stakes, and reward validators. If Elrond will continue to announce more interesting updates, listing, and partnerships, it will certainly grow up to $300. And also if it can perform the same as last week, increasing by 37.18%, it can undoubtedly reach the level of $300.