Energy Fuels (UUUU) Stock Begins Gaining After Sharp Fall: Might It Be Related With The Agreement With The International Consolidated Uranium?

The slow and continuous fall of the stock can be noticeable on the chart for the last month. On June 24 the stock was $6.60 then it started to fall and reached $5.48 on July 9 and reach $4.53 on July 19 which is the lowest one. After that, the stock started to grow and achieved $5.28 for today.

Energy Fuels made an announcement about the purchase agreement with the International Consolidated Uranium (CUR) about the obtaining of the portfolio of the EF Paties, the subsidiary of the Energy Fuels, which includes uranium projects and located in Colorado and Utah. According to the agreement, the CUR willfully obtains mines such as Tony M, Daneros, and Rim, which are located in Utah, and eight DOE leases in Colorado.

It was mentioned in the transaction that the CUR will be able to become one of the important companies in the uranium sector. Besides it, the CUR will be the only U.S uranium developer (besides Energy Fuels), which will have an access to the Energy Fuel’s White Mesa Mill, after the toll-mining agreement.

Lora Nilsson

Finance and Business reporter After graduating high school. Lora decided to travel and blog as a part-timer. Today she enjoys what she loves and works remotely as our finance and business reporter

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